Bitter Taste

Boston Red Sox

Still can’t get over the close of the MLB season for the Red Sox. I think had they not been diverted by the hullabaloo of the festival that was the retirement of David Ortiz, they could have shown better in the ALDS. 2-5 the last 7 games of the regular season and swept by a mediocre Cleveland team in an even vanilla mediocre division.

The amount of talent on that Red Sox team and they got swept. Cleveland had a few decent players and a bag of wet sand. Being beaten by a Mark Teixiera grand slam, a bullpen that disintegrated, led by the collapse of Craig Kimbrel, who couldn’t get an out in a tee ball game.

2-5 against division teams in the last week of regular season play. Pop those champagne bottles though and celebrate your AL East victory, never mind the road left in the season. That’s what gets under my skin. Don’t focus and send off Ortiz with a possible championship like the Cubs did with David Ross. Get swept by an inferior team.

Makes a guy wonder why the team quit.

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