Looking Back

I spent the better part of two days looking through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and having a look back somewhat at the sites I have run and been a part of.

It gave me a wake up call as to just how bad, mad, and sad I was. It’s almost embarrassing, but at the same time, I know I have come a long way, light years from that guy. Of course I am a dozen years older and a day or two wiser.

Some stuff made me laugh a bit, some made me reflect. The road I took to get to now has been a long, bumpy, emotional one. This post, named “Jax, my brother.” had me in stitches though. “A”, as I will name her, is still, (in my mind) a friend though we lost (more like I ‘disappeared’) for years before I think we ran across one another on Instagram I think.

Regardless, we lived out in CA around the same time for awhile, she moved out there before I, when in a love-struck state I moved out there from 2001-2005. We always had this thing about Austrian and American skiers, it was a playful rivalry.

Anyway, that post I read made me laugh a good laugh I hadn’t had about that time period in ages.

I ran an RPG site that got pretty popular, but I haven’t touched, never mind played a game since 2005. I went as far back as to rummage around the file cabinet of the internet to find 5th.net, RPG Consortium, The ENclave, Redwizards.com… it gave me that “where are they now?” thought though. Hopefully all those I met have propsered in life. I know I have.

I also had about 30 different blogs because I liked to rant online a lot much to my ex-girlfriend’s dismay (and possibly others). I just had to look back and chuckle, wince, groan, and face palm several times the stuff that is vaulted in internet posterity that probably will always be there. Oh well.

Live and learn.

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