An Event Apart Boston 2017

An Event Apart

So the time has come where the wonderful web conference happens in Boston at the Marriott Copley, An Event Apart.

My first (and currently last) time was in 2008. A life time ago in web years. I still have all the schwag I got, I still have the pictures on my Flickr feed, and my An Event Apart laptop case… It was a great conference.

I got to meet the likes of Jeff Veen, Doug Bowman, Jason Santa Maria, Andy Budd Eric Meyer, Jeffrey Zeldman, and Bruce Lawson to name a few. It got me in touch with Ethan Marcotte, Christopher Schmitt, and a few others as well.

Looking back still, I got a little fan boy-ish when I thanked Bruce for conditional comments which helped me with the whole IE styling back in the day and even got a shout out on his site. Which made me laugh and makes me laugh even more to this day. Thanks, Bruce!

During the days when I was very active on the web, when I was freelancing and doing very well for myself with my little one-man band development club, when I was religiously following everyone I could in the early days of Twitter, I wanted to do the web standards thing. I was fawning over the fact I met, talked to, and even broke bread (lunch I believe) with Jeffrey Zeldman.

To sum it up, AEA was great, educational, and terrific. I highly suggest people in the industry to go if they have never been. it is money well spent.

Then I planned in grandiose fashion, of course, to and vowed to return every year, when it came to Boston to keep in touch with folks and see the others I have never seen or met before such as Jeremey Keith, Andy Clarke, and a pantheon of others I religiously followed.

So then life came along and I got in my own way. I don’t hide the fact that my past was very checkered with addictions of all sorts. Alcohol and drugs being the worst of the worst. I got a big head, a.k.a. ego. I missed 2009, I vowed to return in 2010. I missed 2010, I swore to return in grand style on a unicorn, throwing lightning bolts and proclaiming my return in 2011. Missed 2011.

I went through many years of failure on grand levels. I got in my own way and the addiction thing is probably best saved for another post.

I decided that my dreams of working at a great firm such as Happy Cog, 2Advanced, Razorfish, Red, etc., were done. I continued to slop around and freelance, but work dried up, I got deeper in the hole I was digging, and by 2012, I gave up.

The last 5 years, I have been in recovery. Got a year, stumbled, currently working on 4 years in August. May of 2016 I was hired by a company that I am still working for, doing web work. I got the itch back. So I decided to ask if they would send me to AEA, I got the go ahead.

I’ll be returning after 9 years. Yeah, I got right back. I’ll leave the unicorn and lightning bolt throwing at home though. I’m back to learn. I’m back to hopefully catch up with people and re-introduce myself to some folks.

It’s been a real struggle, but I’m glad I’ll be back in May.

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