An Event Apart, Monday Edition

An Event Apart

Wow. Just phenomenal.

Day One brought the first of six speakers All, of whom touched on things I will be taking back with me to the job to implement and use, or integrate into the many projects I have going on. Invaluable to say the least.

I won’t go into details tonight, I am going on hour number fourteen of being up and at ’em. I will have a very in-depth post in my wrap-up, probably Thursday or Friday when I get back home and settled in. The conference ends Wednesday, but I won’t be home until late that night.

A quick recap. I got to see Jeffrey Zeldman and he was gracious enough to have me follow him around like a roadie, Eric Meyer, whom I have always followed and these two were major influences on my career choice. I am glad I did not give up my dream. I hadn’t seen them for eight nine years! It was wonderful to see them again.

Claudia Snell, whom we don’t know how, but we became online friends and met as I snuck up front to grab a front row chair.

The speakers. Jaimee Newberry, Laura Martini, Dan Mall, Brad Frost, Chris Coyier, and of course, it was kicked off by Jeffrey Zeldman. So much valuable information from the talks. Every talk, every speaker, touched on something that I needed, to bring back to work with me, to do my job better and improve what we need to improve on with our website and web application.

Unfortunately today, as I ate breakfast, I didn’t realize (not enough coffee in me yet) that Chris was sitting at my table. Duh. So I need to (again, unfortunately for Chris), hunt him down because I have questions. I was able to talk to everyone today and it was great. The SVG talk was fantastic, I again, have many questions.

So with that, I’m tired, I have an email to send off, I have a migraine to curb. Ciao!

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