So to close friends and family, we have thoroughly thought about this and the decision has been made that Brandon and I, as of August 1st, will be moving to South Berwick, Maine.

To be perfectly honest and candid, Brandon and his uncertainty of the next basketball season at Kennett, and the opportunity, the invitation, and the ability for us to go to South Berwick, to play for his current coach, at Marshwood High School are the biggest factors.

Scholastically, I feel this is an upgrade, to help Brandon, with his struggles in school, and stop the years and years of hair pulling and struggle with his grades and hold him more than accountable with the way Marshwood holds their student athletes accountable for grades in order to play.

Those we have selected that are very close to us, that I have sat down with and asked for advice, have been great and supportive of this move for Brandon. This has been an ongoing discussion since the new AAU season that he spent with the NH Spartans Elite team.

I have consulted with my job and the finalization of this is imminent and I am afforded the option of working from home as most of you know. I am able to make this move, pending the finalization from the company president, which I have been told is more than just “probable”.

Brandon, however is the main focus.

When he came back from the Colby College basketball tournament with that huge smile on his face and an air of confidence I have never seen before with him, I knew we had made the right choice.

His first practice with the Hawks team and he was quickly accepted as one of their own and plays with them like he has played with them for all his life. He’s not a guy that hangs out on the 3-point line on the far wing on the sideline and watching the plays develop for the guards and forwards to shoot from where they do with regards to the play.

Brandon is part of an offense that has a numerous amount of plays for a 6’8″ center.

Brandon is part of a team that when the hand goes up, they get him the ball. And he scores at will.

Brandon has worked furiously, hard, and frankly, he has worked his ass off since the NH State Tournament and there are two instances where I have noticed much improved development.

  1. The time from the start of the AAU season with the Spartans…

and 2. from the NH State Tournament until now.

He’s developed in that short amount of time, a desire to prove one person wrong, and to improve him game exponentially.

He has developed court confidence, tenacity, aggressiveness, physicality, and desire to win. A desire to win that he feels lacked with his former coach. We went down that road before and that ended up with me being branded a sort of “Lavar Ball” type. Which I couldn’t care less about.

Marshwood has an offense that is tailored for Brandon, he will play for 100% certain, there is no guessing what the pecking order will be next year, there will be no guessing whom will be chosen to skip ahead of the upper classmen or whom the senior(s) will be that will be starting in the same position.

No excuses, no getting your guy from the Rec Dept league, no politics or favoritism. No coaches kids that start that should probably play another sport other than basketball that they excel better at.


Brandon will play, he won’t be rotting on the end of the bench during an abysmal season, no watching. Playing. The game he loves to play. I know how he feels and we make the move.

I do this for my kid so he can chase a dream. He may not get in and he may have his doubters. So did a kid named Michael Jordan. Do I think my kid is the next MJ? Hell no.

My kid is the next Brandon Libby and even if that kid went through the D-League and got a 10-day contract and played 1 game and had the stat line of a Matt Steigenga (Bulls ’92) or Ron Watts (Celtics ’66). I’d till be proud as hell of that kid like I am now.

Brandon made the decision back before the AAU season, but we have carefully thought this out and are now in the final stages of planning. His development and what he accomplished in that season against very tough teams and top notch talent solidified our decision to move.

Brandon isn’t on Facebook a lot and I know that he shares the same sentiments I do when I say for him, he thanks and appreciates the time and the mentoring, the coaching and the support that has been shown to him and for him since he started playing the game from everyone.

Regardless of the past year and what I believe to be the truth.

It’s time for him to play and for us to move on. For Brandon.

Thank you to those who have supported Brandon especially and who continue to do so.

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