So within the next month, now that my son & I are going to move, since the dynamics have changed in this building we currently reside in, things are going to be a little bit quiet around here and elsewhere regarding me.

A landlord rented to a business owner who sublet (against the rules in the rental agreements unless the landlord and party bargained an agreement otherwise) to a guy that has become a nuisance. The original plan, according to the landlord, was to sublet to an Italian guy, who was going to work for this business owner.

The other morning (3:30am to be precise) they were arguing and woke up my son and myself.

I try to teach my son, to be respectful of your neighbors. Other people that live in the building. I try to respect the others that reside in the building I reside in. Others sadly, do not share that sentiment.

This building turned from a nice quiet place to live and work from, to a place that is inhabited by people that are rude, crass, and do not care about their smoke wafting through into others apartments.

It happens everywhere, regarding rentals.

I just hope our next move, is somewhere, where there is some sort of relief.

Frustration has ruled the stay for the last several months since a string of “chefs” were rented apartments here. Well “chefs”, you both suck. One drops his toilet seat and is just ignorant to the fact he has neighbors when he stays up late, plays his XBox, and doesn’t care past his own protective bubble of ego.

The other, just allowed someone to come in and like his business, the place goes right to the shitter. Smoking inside the building, noise, arguing at 3:30am. I know real chefs who are kind, compassionate to others, and respectful. These two shit sippers take the cake.

I’ve never been this upset. Due to the fact my son stays with me full-time, I think the issue is so that he is not around such idiocy and I can’t protect him from it, but I wish I could give him a little reprieve.

I just hope our next move will be a little better.

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