Libby Family. Todd, Natalie and Brandon

  • Former Freelance Web Developer/Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer/Customer Support Team Lead Specialist @ Agency Revenue Tools
  • Traveller/Eater/Seafood Lover/Music Lover
  • Full-time Dad

The short of it. I have the best life and I have everyone and everything I need right now, I couldn’t ask for more. I have enjoyed stays in California, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island. I have been in the computer field (repair, design, or programming) since 1999.

I never gave up the dream I would be in the field I had been chasing for 15 years, I never gave up after the doubters and the critics told me otherwise. Even at my lowest, I never gave up. I have walked through hell to get where I am today, I am grateful for the path I have taken.

Today, I have an 18 year old daughter who is off to college and a 15 year old son who is almost halfway through high school. I love them dearly. My job, is to make sure while I am still around, they succeed.

I have an awesome job, that affords me a schedule I can be happy with. I have a great boss and owner that are the best people to with and for. Ever. This job affords me to do the things I love to do, I am very grateful for this career I have acquired through years and years of not giving up and hard work and sweat.

Through living in and out of, and through addiction, I have been to the lowest of bottoms. Through perseverance and determination and living currently in sobriety and recovery for the past four years, I have been able to do things I took for granted. Concerts to see my favorite bands, comedy shows and laugh, spend time with my children, wake up and look forward to a new day. Stopping along the way and expressing gratitude for the littlest of things in life.

What the future brings, I don’t know but it is looking brighter every day. Life is the balls.