I am contemplating selling the domain. Asking price $2200 firm. Inquire within. First one to buy for asking price gets it. Will not entertain anything but $2200.


Life sure keeps me busy, I don’t get a lot of time to update this site, which I should. With doing the online schooling, working odd jobs to pay for life’s luxuries, and making sure the final high school years for my kids are as smooth as possible, I’m still looking for the ever-elusive web job, somewhere, in some capacity.

My portfolio is nowhere near where it should be. Old projects have changed in the years since I worked on them, other projects I don’t have the rights to post, the few projects that I have that are ongoing are small, but they’re all I have. An interview for a Web Manager position I had yesterday, went well. I know full well, I can do the job as outlined with no problem. It’s just the chance has to be there. It’s out of my hands now.

As for the online schooling, I’ve done very well soaking up all the Javascript I can, Ember.js, Angular.js, Coffeescript, JQuery, revisiting Javascript in its ‘purest’. That along with brushing up the HTML/CSS, Git, and Sass, I’ve spent 6-8 months working and learning and enjoying a rather free summer traveling and enjoying life.

I’m in the concept phase of updating this site, while I try and wrap-up one site I have ported into WordPress and another I am at the themeing phase. These things take time, and I’m just going with the flow.

Starting Over

I think it can be done nearing the age of 44. I am currently taking refresher courses over at Codeacademy and Code School for web programming. Starting with the basics. I much prefer Code School, they have a great UI. Both, however, are fantastic. I also have been brushing up on my command line use, the Terminal, Git and GitHub. I read the entire Git manual (again) and have watched nearly very video I could find on YouTube for Git.

I’m serious when I say, that although I have been doing web things, such as programming and design, branding, etc., my portfolio is not where it should be. I have a desire to learn, re-learn, code and create. I want to make the web a better place with the work I do.

I’m for hire. I am doing everything over again. My focus and disciplines, my online presence, my resume, my desire to be hired by a web firm and develop beautiful, user-friendly, responsive web design. To dive into the world of developing web applications, to learn a new area and expand my horizons. If you like what you see on the work page, hire me. Three years in the food service industry is enough for me.

I’ll be updating this site more frequently, so that maybe, a firm will be gracious enough to hire me and see what I can do. I’m also working on a new WordPress theme for the site, which I will roll out some time in 2015, time depending. Thanks for reading.