Recovery Computer Services

Recovery Computer ServicesUntil I can get the website up for Recovery Computer Services, you can find out information here. We’ve been doing computer repair for the better part of 15 years and have seen a lot of things come and go. We mostly do software repair, installs, troubleshoot and repair computer problems and will help customers with affordable solutions to the computer needs. Please use the contact form here and we will return your inquiry as soon as we can. You can also visit us on our Facebook page!


Starting Over

I think it can be done nearing the age of 44. I am currently taking refresher courses over at Codeacademy and Code School for web programming. Starting with the basics. I much prefer Code School, they have a great UI. Both, however, are fantastic. I also have been brushing up on my command line use, the Terminal, Git and GitHub. I read the entire Git manual (again) and have watched nearly very video I could find on YouTube for Git.

I’m serious when I say, that although I have been doing web things, such as programming and design, branding, etc., my portfolio is not where it should be. I have a desire to learn, re-learn, code and create. I want to make the web a better place with the work I do.

I’m for hire. I am doing everything over again. My focus and disciplines, my online presence, my resume, my desire to be hired by a web firm and develop beautiful, user-friendly, responsive web design. To dive into the world of developing web applications, to learn a new area and expand my horizons. If you like what you see on the work page, hire me. Three years in the food service industry is enough for me.

I’ll be updating this site more frequently, so that maybe, a firm will be gracious enough to hire me and see what I can do. I’m also working on a new WordPress theme for the site, which I will roll out some time in 2015, time depending. Thanks for reading.