It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s been a whirlwind of activity in life. I don’t really get time to update this site anymore. Well, except for now.

AAU basketball has come to a close (for now), so for now, it has been work, a lot of work. A major website launch coming at the end of the month, trying to keep a kid eligible for basketball by getting him to study and do homework… Two full-time jobs and having to do insane amounts of paperwork for everything it seems.

I did get my year review after I went full-time at work and it was a good one, so I have that going for me.

With everything going on in the world, there are more days than others where I just want to disconnect forever and be done with it. Maybe that will happen when I finally say enough with this site.

Going into the holidays, I probably won’t be updating much, but who knows? Things change at the blink of an eye!

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The Future

So the move has been made, we are settled into our new home in southern Maine. Now, after some time off from work, after a few days of relaxing on vacation, after some much needed rest, after much pondering… I’m giving much consideration to the brand of six03 and ending it.

It has been around since it was just an idea I had while in college on California in 2003. 14 years later, I think it is time to lay it to rest. Sort of a major rebrand, or, just kill the site in a cost-cutting effort. I’m just not 100% sure yet.

I have two more years of playing Dad to my son before he leaves the roost. Time is at a premium. I could move my act over to Medium, I could do rebrand, I could just disappear into the ether. I just don’t know at this point. I’m caught in a limbo.

I wish there was something I could give back to the web community that has driven me for the past 19 years plus, but I just don’t have any ideas. I just rarely have any time.

I work an hour and a half away, so my three hour a day commute, twice a week, takes it toll. I could find time when I work from my home office, but with everything that goes on with my son and his extra-curricular activities, I don’t know if that is probable.

Maybe I am just in a funk? It is, after all, almost the close to summer vacation. maybe I will have some time?

I do feel, however, a sense of inferiority when it comes to seeing all these wonderful authors that come out with these books, all these wonderful speakers at conferences, all these people I follow on Twitter that are tweeting about their craft and making it sound like they are the Stephen Hawking of their discipline.

Maybe I just need a sandwich?

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A New Beginning

Yesterday was the first day of my son, Brandon, as a Marshwood Hawk. While the formalities have not yet been finalized as of yet with school changing and permanent residence, we’re close. Very close.

Signed the lease to the new apartment yesterday, got the keys. Now the moving begins. In the meantime, we have a tournament to get through at the University of New Hampshire.

Game One, a win in his first game. Played well, a lot of work to do. Game Two. Marshwood down 2, :30 left, Brandon scores the tying basket to force the game into OT. The time keeper then starts the clock on the inbound pass, not when the first player touches the ball with :01.7 left in the game on what could have been another GW shot by Brandon. Not a good way to end a game for kids that hustled and worked their asses off.

A coach from Suffolk University was impressed by Brandon and he is getting looks right now (keep working on your game) that’s a compliment, as since Brandon’s freshman year, coaches, and officials alike have complimented him on his game. As a junior in high school. He’s had people looking since his sophomore year, the new AAU season with the NH (Seacoast) Spartans Elite as well. He does turn heads at 16 years old, 6’8″, 200 lbs. Now the weight room awaits.

Moving on to today. 2 games on tap and he is ready to go. I hope.

Within the next week, we will be down to our new home, to give the kid a shot at his dream. An NBA dream regardless of the naysayers. Past experiences aside, and yes, those still get under my skin when I think about them, Brandon has the best coaching staff that supports him, is behind him, and has faith in him 100%.

That’s what the kid needs. Nothing below that. Or any kid for that matter.

I look forward to seeing his progress in the next year.

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The Plague 2017 Part 2

So I contracted the sequel to the Plague that I had earlier this year, but tenfold. I was on the shelf for over a week. Flu-like symptoms, head cold, chest cold, high fever… this time, this one, hit me hard.

I’ve felt so run down, but I slept about 140 hours last week, I was that sick. So be careful when you come down with something, hit it fast and hard with medicine and hopefully, you won’t be writing a will like I was and a note to my children about how much I love them and will miss them.

I have tried getting into the programming frame of mind, but without avail. I did wrap up the Try Docker course over at Code School the other day, but it was a short course and just touched on what Docker was and the basics. Like the minimal basics.

I will be getting subscriptions to Pluralsight and Treehouse at some point.

Travel season for AAU takes a lot out of me. I drive my son 2 hours away for practices. Driving 8 hours a week for practices only. We have a 2 week hiatus (1 week remaining) from tournaments until we go back to Springfield, MA next weekend. He’s been out all week with a bone bruise and will be back this week.

Which I learned yesterday was school vacation week. March and April vacation weeks come too close to each other.

I tried getting into the Twitch project over at Free Code Camp, but didn’t get too far into that either. The bug has to hit me and I feel so fatigued, especially after last week’s near-death experience, in which I almost called a priest.

Summer will bring relief and relaxation.

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Travel Season

Travel basketball is in full swing, even though posts are very infrequent, between work and everything else, my time to post is limited but I am looking to get some scheduling done that will allow for some posts on the road, here and there, more often.

Just finished up last week the Elixir courses over at Code School, so I am going to head over and work on some stuff I have going over at Udemy and Coursera.

Hopefully the summer season will bring some downtime and I can take a few weeks off and enjoy the summer, if it ever gets here to the New England area… more snow in the forecast for this weekend with a tournament to drive to in Pembroke, MA!

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The Plague 2017 Part 1

My son, being the altruistic philanthropist he is, gave me his version of some strain of the Black Plague to start my new year. When I return, if I should, I’ll be posting more. I’m just starting to get some sort of will to live back, so this will be interesting on how long it will take to get my strength back. Until then, Happy 2017 everyone (all 4 people) that read this, and best wishes.

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Subscribe Now!

So in an effort to keep those who have been asking me about how I am doing, now that it has been about 6 months without a Facebook account (and it is probably one of the best things I have ever done) I have added a subscription plugin to subscribe to any new posts I create.

As of today, things are going in an upward direction. Full-time at the job, son living with me, high school basketball season gearing up, keepin’ on, keepin’ on. I’m doing something with this domain after many years of it being dormant, so I figured, “Why not just be a place people can check in on me?”

I’m also looking into really diving into Angular 2. I have an application I would like to build and develop and I want to do it with Angular 2. So I am looking into the many different possibilities in undertaking this project and looking for a possible mentor/partner. That is still in the infancy of its stages.

That’s pretty much it. I don’t update ten times a day, so subscribing won’t be a blitz of emails, one a week, if at all. two or three a week if I feel like writing. For now, that is all.

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What Happened?!

What is going on here? Well, I took the site down. Cleaned the whole thing out. Starting over. Some times, you have to change everything and start all over again. I hadn’t made any changes really to the site in years. I just didn’t have the energy. Life was going on. A list of excuses a mile long. Now I have some time and I am looking to see what I have left in the tank.

I don’t know what i am going to do exactly yet, but I’m working on it. I own the domain, and pay for the hosting. Might as well get my money’s worth. Since I really haven’t been in about 5+ years of owning this site. As for now, I’m just going to leave this here and get to the drawing board. Obviously, I know what’s going to power the site, my old go to, WordPress.

As for the rest. It’s going to be a slow and steady work in progress.

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