Busy, Volume II

So I have just gotten around to posting an update. With basketball (the high school season) thankfully over, we move on to the AAU travel season which officially starts next week. The boy starts this year with new team that plays ball in A division tournaments and gets prep/college scouts looking at them, so maybe he has a chance to be noticed. How he does is on him.

The break in-between was much needed, but there will still be plenty of traveling to do. I managed to get the Wikipedia project for FreeCodeCamp done, you can view the CodePen “pen” here, or you can also view it over on my site right here.

I, on the other hand, are trying to relax and rest before a 3 month long tour of New England and basketball tournaments. I’ve been filling the time with my keeping up over at Code School, work at my full time place of employment, parenting, and other things/people that matter.

I’ve been doing some courses over at Udemy and Coursera, Saylor, I have been immersed in learning, downloaded some great eBooks on programming, and just trying to save up for a nice vacation this summer.

Look for my next post, whenever that might be, on Building A TwitchTV Viewer from FreeCodeCamp.

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Busy, Volume I

Close Encounters with PHP is up and I can finally go back in and go through this course. Finally, back to being really busy, I’ve been trying to manage my time better. To no avail however.

My son plays basketball and is currently starting on JV and on the bench for varsity. So he has practices nearly every night and games, couple that with working 40 hours a week, I get home and I am beat. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

I’m hoping soon, and that’s probably in March, that things slow down a bit. We shall see. I’ll get back to updating this thing more often and I have another Free Code Camp update to post as well. Ciao!

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The Plague 2017 Part 1

My son, being the altruistic philanthropist he is, gave me his version of some strain of the Black Plague to start my new year. When I return, if I should, I’ll be posting more. I’m just starting to get some sort of will to live back, so this will be interesting on how long it will take to get my strength back. Until then, Happy 2017 everyone (all 4 people) that read this, and best wishes.

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It’s days away. I’m not one for holidays. My kids are older, I’m older, I’m single, I’m just not into it. What I’m into is just getting through the “Triad of Hell” at the end of the year, keep plugging away.

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We're Doomed

Decision 2016

I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican. I’m certainly no Independent backer unless that candidate is aware of what goes on unlike a certain Independent that got throw to the wolves about Aleppo.

I’m absolutely gobsmacked by what happened last night. All I will say is this… One person has a lot of skeletons in her closet to clean up by the wake of secrets her husband leaves in his wake.

One man, this elections version of P.T. Barnum, has tons of secrets he needs to get fixed.

I have never seen such a show as this in the 45 years I have been alive. Every four years this country is recreating a new Civil War. Red vs Blue. Hate v. Tolerance. Bigotry v. Peace. White v. Black/Hispanic/Asian… a man that can go on the most epic rants and direct threats on social media, yet be expunged practically by the population. Vile spew, bile, being spat at every chance he gets.

The the angelic turnaround to “unify” the country.

P.T. Barnum would be impressed Mr. Trump.

I do not know why, no one in this country can agree to disagree, yet get along like neighbors that get along or at least can stand one another. I chalk it up to the fact that the human race is the worst thing to ever hit the food chain and forms of existence.

I accept the fact Mr. Trump is in office, but he, like many presidents before him, is not my president. I do not back a man, that on the record, treats people like he does. Because he is rich. I’d challenge him to come sit with me for a few hours and talk, but that would never happen in a billion years.

Who knows what will happen but it feels like a shadow has been cast over this country. It’s no longer about who the best candidate is, it’s about Red v. Blue. The rednecks and the super rich v. the middle class. basically, this country was bamboozled the last 8 years, which is part of the reason why I see this shift to the extreme.

Over the next 2 1/2 years, I’ll hopefully see my son through high school, my daughter go into college from junior college, and I’ll be making my own Brexit from here possibly. It will be halfway through Mr. Trump’s candidacy, we shall see where we are then if we haven’t been attacked and literally stripped by Russia and Putin. The puppet Trump won.

Wikileaks has altered the course of the election. I hope Mr. Assange is pleased with changing an election he has nothing to do with since he is Australian. Your “doing it for the First Amendment and for freedom of speech claims are horse shit. If you take such an active interest in the “truth” then move here, become a citizen, and live here. You have no rights sticking your nose into American affairs, just like America has no business sticking its nose in foreign affairs or elections.

I don’t support Clinton, nor Trump. Neither Democrat, nor Republican. This political system is broken and will NEVER be repaired. Special interest and lobbyist will remain. This country will be destroyed. By our own people, or by a foreign attack which makes 9/11 look pale in comparison.

I fear for my kids futures. I hope I don’t have grandchildren at this point. There is no future for them.

Humans have only just begun to destroy this planet, now, with this election… multiply that a thousand fold.

What was done last night is done. The red states have their Republican army back and controlling the country. You can parade your religion around and force it down the throats with your Christianity, your bible thumping, your preaching. I’ll turn and look the other way.

The rich will get richer, the poor will be forgotten and either suffer more and longer or die. The middle class will be just that, and never been seen or heard as is status quo.

The fact that so many young people are urged to get out and vote means nothing when you compare positives and negatives. Just think, your futures are controlled still by hateful people, bigots, racists, the rich, the old guard who just won’t die. Anyone born between 1912 and 1945 are still ticking. Take note of the old antique at the rally who interrupted Mr. Obama as he spoke. Those are the kinds of people who block your freedoms.

Baby boomers between 1946 and 1965, still around and who have their parents and family ideals entrenched in them who still think old is best and that change is evil. 71 million got outvoted by people think that the Dukes of Hazzard, Duck Dynasty and people like Todd Chrisley, the family that starts with a ‘K’ that as far as I am concerned shall remain nameless are gospel. That think “reality tv” is just that. People in groups of 12 get stuck on an island yearly… you lost to “those” people you can’t stand.

You’re the Generation Y crowd, the hipsters, the coffee house crowds, the man bun, guitar playing, self-proclaimed musical troubadours who are oppressed. The college crowd. 71 million strong by some estimates… and you got outvoted by people who believe everything is fact on Facebook, that the Confederate flag is a symbol of freedom, that they have the right to be in this country even though we drove the Native, indigenous people off their lands and killed them, slaughtered them and continue to do so.

I’m a Generation X kid. I, however, am like Switzerland. Neutral. Running for politics, for me, is pointless. My ideals and my thoughts on policies would fall on deaf ears. I would not last in a two-party system. I would be another Gary Johnson, but know what goes on, in the rest of the world and have a view on it, and at least know one foreign leader I could name and not stumble and stammer around like a blithering idiot.

I’ve lost faith in the people of this country to be able to cohesively join forces and elect someone that is not what we have seen over the past 50 years. Morally bankrupt and corrupt. This election just exacerbated the issue more so.

This election marks the end of the world as I knew it and know it… and I don’t feel fine.

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Looking Back

I spent the better part of two days looking through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and having a look back somewhat at the sites I have run and been a part of.

It gave me a wake up call as to just how bad, mad, and sad I was. It’s almost embarrassing, but at the same time, I know I have come a long way, light years from that guy. Of course I am a dozen years older and a day or two wiser.

Some stuff made me laugh a bit, some made me reflect. The road I took to get to now has been a long, bumpy, emotional one. This post, named “Jax, my brother.” had me in stitches though. “A”, as I will name her, is still, (in my mind) a friend though we lost (more like I ‘disappeared’) for years before I think we ran across one another on Instagram I think.

Regardless, we lived out in CA around the same time for awhile, she moved out there before I, when in a love-struck state I moved out there from 2001-2005. We always had this thing about Austrian and American skiers, it was a playful rivalry.

Anyway, that post I read made me laugh a good laugh I hadn’t had about that time period in ages.

I ran an RPG site that got pretty popular, but I haven’t touched, never mind played a game since 2005. I went as far back as to rummage around the file cabinet of the internet to find 5th.net, RPG Consortium, The ENclave, Redwizards.com… it gave me that “where are they now?” thought though. Hopefully all those I met have propsered in life. I know I have.

I also had about 30 different blogs because I liked to rant online a lot much to my ex-girlfriend’s dismay (and possibly others). I just had to look back and chuckle, wince, groan, and face palm several times the stuff that is vaulted in internet posterity that probably will always be there. Oh well.

Live and learn.

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I reflected a little bit today on the 45 year journey I have taken and where I am now. Ups and downs, highs and lows. Oddities of life as they came my way. Battling alcohol and drugs, depression, and divorce.

There have been a lot of people that have come and gone in my life, professionally and personally. There are many people that professionally, I could have done a better job, moments of reflection make me think of those situations.

All it boils down to is doing the next right thing and being a better human being. For the last six months, things couldn’t be any better. I have everything I need. If I had everything I wanted, I know I wouldn’t be happy. Things happen for a reason.

Professionally, I have an amazing job that affords me the luxury of being so family friendly and flexible it boggles my mind. I’m not trapped into thinking if I need time off, I am petrified to ask because I am afraid I may be fired.

Personally, I haven’t felt this way ever. Happy. At peace. Content. Sure, life has its moments, tonight was one of those nights where what I have learned in the last three years of my sobriety, I don’t have to react, or overreact. I can just be the best father, son, friend and colleague I can be.

I have pretty much given up the dream of working in a professional development firm doing what I love to do. Make things happen on the web. I live in the day and only have the 24 hours I am afforded this day.

It’s these “oddities” that make me grateful to be where I am today. I call them oddities because I have never had it this good. I hope if you’re reading this, the same can be said for you.

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six03 Studios

It is long overdue, I have also done it three times or so, but now is the final time. six03 studios, any web development or graphic design/branding is now retired. I will keep maintaining the three sites I maintain, but as for new work, unless it presents itself, I am not taking any more on.

It has been 15 years of up and downs, but it has provided more good then not for me and I am grateful to clients, collaborators, and everyone I have come across in those 15 years of work. It has been very quiet of late and with a job and parenting duties, I just don’t have anything left in the tank when I have free time. Which is spent better with my kids.

I’ve spent the better half of a quarter century around web development and will dabble on the side and with my current employer, complete my Code School, Codecademy, online learning courses to stay updated, but taking on new projects is just not in the cards. So with that…

Thank you.

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