Show the Local Weather

So here we are, it’s after the Christmas holiday, before the New Year, and that cannot come quickly enough if you’re a celebrity or high profile figure.

With this project, I looked around at other examples. I usually do. I find inspiration in bits and pieces of other projects. Whether it is design, code, layout, fonts… with this zipline, I wanted to make sure all the guidelines and objectives were met.

I wanted the background to change with the weather also. So I found some great background images on Unsplash. Then I made sure the code ran on my pen at Codepen and then uploaded it to my site for another backup to have.

I couldn’t get the backgrounds to work, and usually with me, when something does not work, the solution is a rather elementary, easy one that I should have known, but overlooked. This one was referencing the image URL in the JavaScript… yes, I have my moments a lot.

I’m using Unsplash more and more and find it a great resource for images that are free and high quality. So with that, I’ll retire for the evening and be back next time with the Wikipedia zipline, which was a challenge in itself. See you next time.

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Build a Random Quote Machine

So this project was the next in line. With a little bit of an odd layout, I used some basic JavaScript and just ran with it.

There is a slight issue with a real quick flash of a quote, then another when the button is pressed. Once the holidays are over, I plan to take a look. Possibly even change the entire JavaScript file.

I also threw it up on my site here.

Merry Christmas to all, Happy New Year, loking forward to 2016 dying and 2017 being born. Cheers!

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Build a Tribute Page

So this begins my first post on what I have been doing in freeCodeCamp and this was the first project to do. Build a Tribute Page and to be honest, I had a page thrown up that was just a quick job and done, but I decided to go back and really go through and put something together, following the guidelines.

More projects to follow, as soon as I can get the time to post them. I’ve also posted the project here.

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Code School Curve Ball

Been pondering over a bit of code of late that has me a little boggled as to why it is not working 100% and yet the project passed. The badges are not appearing and they don’t on the Code School GitHub page either. I do need to take some time off away from the computer, keyboard, laptop, MacBook, internet this weekend though.

Now usually you would use the user ID, but using the username was suggested. Neither work. I’m at a loss.

EDIT: As of right now, everything seems to be working both on the ID and username front, so all is kosher.

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Angular 2

I’m really looking to dive in, looking for good online content to start from the ground up. I’ve found plenty of content to read and pour over, but precisely where to begin, to develop an application I am in the concept phase of, seems a little daunting. Perhaps I need a mentor.

I know if I implement Angular 2 and some other technologies behind the app I have in mind for development, it could be huge for the people I have in mind. I guess more hunting around for tutorials, reading, etc. is in order.

I want to be able to fully grasp Angular 2 and take it, run with it, and develop with it. Those are my final goals in this phase of my life. I am pretty certain that this could land me some opportunities outside of what I already do and go from there.

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Free Code Camp

I joined Free Code Camp awhile back and really put it on the back burner when i was already signed up with Codecademy and Code School.

Now that I have (as of this post) finished everything in the latter two, I am delving back into the Ziplines I had completed hastily and clean them up, design-wise, code-wise, make them look more presentable and eventually post links on the forums.

So at some point I will post each project and do that, perhaps open up commenting as well, who knows.

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JavaScript Defer & My Ignorance

In my programming travels, I have never seen this before until now…

The W3C states;

When set, this boolean attribute provides a hint to the user agent that the script is not going to generate any document content (e.g., no “document.write” in javascript) and thus, the user agent can continue parsing and rendering.

It’s pretty fun learning something new every day.

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This is now the best comment I have seen in programming.

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Looking Back

I spent the better part of two days looking through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and having a look back somewhat at the sites I have run and been a part of.

It gave me a wake up call as to just how bad, mad, and sad I was. It’s almost embarrassing, but at the same time, I know I have come a long way, light years from that guy. Of course I am a dozen years older and a day or two wiser.

Some stuff made me laugh a bit, some made me reflect. The road I took to get to now has been a long, bumpy, emotional one. This post, named “Jax, my brother.” had me in stitches though. “A”, as I will name her, is still, (in my mind) a friend though we lost (more like I ‘disappeared’) for years before I think we ran across one another on Instagram I think.

Regardless, we lived out in CA around the same time for awhile, she moved out there before I, when in a love-struck state I moved out there from 2001-2005. We always had this thing about Austrian and American skiers, it was a playful rivalry.

Anyway, that post I read made me laugh a good laugh I hadn’t had about that time period in ages.

I ran an RPG site that got pretty popular, but I haven’t touched, never mind played a game since 2005. I went as far back as to rummage around the file cabinet of the internet to find, RPG Consortium, The ENclave,… it gave me that “where are they now?” thought though. Hopefully all those I met have propsered in life. I know I have.

I also had about 30 different blogs because I liked to rant online a lot much to my ex-girlfriend’s dismay (and possibly others). I just had to look back and chuckle, wince, groan, and face palm several times the stuff that is vaulted in internet posterity that probably will always be there. Oh well.

Live and learn.

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