Free Code Camp

I joined Free Code Camp awhile back and really put it on the back burner when i was already signed up with Codecademy and Code School.

Now that I have (as of this post) finished everything in the latter two, I am delving back into the Ziplines I had completed hastily and clean them up, design-wise, code-wise, make them look more presentable and eventually post links on the forums.

So at some point I will post each project and do that, perhaps open up commenting as well, who knows.

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We're Doomed

Decision 2016

I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican. I’m certainly no Independent backer unless that candidate is aware of what goes on unlike a certain Independent that got throw to the wolves about Aleppo.

I’m absolutely gobsmacked by what happened last night. All I will say is this… One person has a lot of skeletons in her closet to clean up by the wake of secrets her husband leaves in his wake.

One man, this elections version of P.T. Barnum, has tons of secrets he needs to get fixed.

I have never seen such a show as this in the 45 years I have been alive. Every four years this country is recreating a new Civil War. Red vs Blue. Hate v. Tolerance. Bigotry v. Peace. White v. Black/Hispanic/Asian… a man that can go on the most epic rants and direct threats on social media, yet be expunged practically by the population. Vile spew, bile, being spat at every chance he gets.

The the angelic turnaround to “unify” the country.

P.T. Barnum would be impressed Mr. Trump.

I do not know why, no one in this country can agree to disagree, yet get along like neighbors that get along or at least can stand one another. I chalk it up to the fact that the human race is the worst thing to ever hit the food chain and forms of existence.

I accept the fact Mr. Trump is in office, but he, like many presidents before him, is not my president. I do not back a man, that on the record, treats people like he does. Because he is rich. I’d challenge him to come sit with me for a few hours and talk, but that would never happen in a billion years.

Who knows what will happen but it feels like a shadow has been cast over this country. It’s no longer about who the best candidate is, it’s about Red v. Blue. The rednecks and the super rich v. the middle class. basically, this country was bamboozled the last 8 years, which is part of the reason why I see this shift to the extreme.

Over the next 2 1/2 years, I’ll hopefully see my son through high school, my daughter go into college from junior college, and I’ll be making my own Brexit from here possibly. It will be halfway through Mr. Trump’s candidacy, we shall see where we are then if we haven’t been attacked and literally stripped by Russia and Putin. The puppet Trump won.

Wikileaks has altered the course of the election. I hope Mr. Assange is pleased with changing an election he has nothing to do with since he is Australian. Your “doing it for the First Amendment and for freedom of speech claims are horse shit. If you take such an active interest in the “truth” then move here, become a citizen, and live here. You have no rights sticking your nose into American affairs, just like America has no business sticking its nose in foreign affairs or elections.

I don’t support Clinton, nor Trump. Neither Democrat, nor Republican. This political system is broken and will NEVER be repaired. Special interest and lobbyist will remain. This country will be destroyed. By our own people, or by a foreign attack which makes 9/11 look pale in comparison.

I fear for my kids futures. I hope I don’t have grandchildren at this point. There is no future for them.

Humans have only just begun to destroy this planet, now, with this election… multiply that a thousand fold.

What was done last night is done. The red states have their Republican army back and controlling the country. You can parade your religion around and force it down the throats with your Christianity, your bible thumping, your preaching. I’ll turn and look the other way.

The rich will get richer, the poor will be forgotten and either suffer more and longer or die. The middle class will be just that, and never been seen or heard as is status quo.

The fact that so many young people are urged to get out and vote means nothing when you compare positives and negatives. Just think, your futures are controlled still by hateful people, bigots, racists, the rich, the old guard who just won’t die. Anyone born between 1912 and 1945 are still ticking. Take note of the old antique at the rally who interrupted Mr. Obama as he spoke. Those are the kinds of people who block your freedoms.

Baby boomers between 1946 and 1965, still around and who have their parents and family ideals entrenched in them who still think old is best and that change is evil. 71 million got outvoted by people think that the Dukes of Hazzard, Duck Dynasty and people like Todd Chrisley, the family that starts with a ‘K’ that as far as I am concerned shall remain nameless are gospel. That think “reality tv” is just that. People in groups of 12 get stuck on an island yearly… you lost to “those” people you can’t stand.

You’re the Generation Y crowd, the hipsters, the coffee house crowds, the man bun, guitar playing, self-proclaimed musical troubadours who are oppressed. The college crowd. 71 million strong by some estimates… and you got outvoted by people who believe everything is fact on Facebook, that the Confederate flag is a symbol of freedom, that they have the right to be in this country even though we drove the Native, indigenous people off their lands and killed them, slaughtered them and continue to do so.

I’m a Generation X kid. I, however, am like Switzerland. Neutral. Running for politics, for me, is pointless. My ideals and my thoughts on policies would fall on deaf ears. I would not last in a two-party system. I would be another Gary Johnson, but know what goes on, in the rest of the world and have a view on it, and at least know one foreign leader I could name and not stumble and stammer around like a blithering idiot.

I’ve lost faith in the people of this country to be able to cohesively join forces and elect someone that is not what we have seen over the past 50 years. Morally bankrupt and corrupt. This election just exacerbated the issue more so.

This election marks the end of the world as I knew it and know it… and I don’t feel fine.

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Subscribe Now!

So in an effort to keep those who have been asking me about how I am doing, now that it has been about 6 months without a Facebook account (and it is probably one of the best things I have ever done) I have added a subscription plugin to subscribe to any new posts I create.

As of today, things are going in an upward direction. Full-time at the job, son living with me, high school basketball season gearing up, keepin’ on, keepin’ on. I’m doing something with this domain after many years of it being dormant, so I figured, “Why not just be a place people can check in on me?”

I’m also looking into really diving into Angular 2. I have an application I would like to build and develop and I want to do it with Angular 2. So I am looking into the many different possibilities in undertaking this project and looking for a possible mentor/partner. That is still in the infancy of its stages.

That’s pretty much it. I don’t update ten times a day, so subscribing won’t be a blitz of emails, one a week, if at all. two or three a week if I feel like writing. For now, that is all.

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Boston Red Sox

Bitter Taste

Still can’t get over the close of the MLB season for the Red Sox. I think had they not been diverted by the hullabaloo of the festival that was the retirement of David Ortiz, they could have shown better in the ALDS. 2-5 the last 7 games of the regular season and swept by a mediocre Cleveland team in an even vanilla mediocre division.

The amount of talent on that Red Sox team and they got swept. Cleveland had a few decent players and a bag of wet sand. Being beaten by a Mark Teixiera grand slam, a bullpen that disintegrated, led by the collapse of Craig Kimbrel, who couldn’t get an out in a tee ball game.

2-5 against division teams in the last week of regular season play. Pop those champagne bottles though and celebrate your AL East victory, never mind the road left in the season. That’s what gets under my skin. Don’t focus and send off Ortiz with a possible championship like the Cubs did with David Ross. Get swept by an inferior team.

Makes a guy wonder why the team quit.

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Chicago & the Cubs

I had to sit down and write this, because lately, it has been lingering in my mind, 2003, Chicago v. Florida. We know what happened and the firestorm that lay in wait after the collapse of that Cubs team in that NLCS.

A young man named Steve Bartman was vilified for being the sole problem for the disintegration of that playoff team. We know what happened. We know that Bartman’s life was turned upside down. We know the story and if you saw the ESPN film “Catching Hell”, you know the key players in this film.

So as the Cubs went further into the playoffs, Bartman’s name popped up, as it usually does around playoff time. As the Cubs got deeper and deeper into each successful round, Bartman’s name became heard more often than not. That is when I turned to Twitter.

The most seen tweet I saw was “If the Cubs win, we forgive you, Steve Bartman.” That made me angry. What kind of self-absorbed dim-witted, beer-swilling, online troll keyboard jockey posts things like this? Apparently a lot of people.

I looked back at the Red Sox team of 1986, which the ’03 Cubs and the ’86 Red Sox drew a lot of comparisons. I think back to that ground ball to Buckner. I remember absolutely losing my mind. I was 15 years old, I was (it seemed) one strike away from seeing the Red Sox win their first World Series in my lifetime. As a kid, I was excited. Then the “ground ball”.

I despised Buckner, but then I remember looking back at the game, days later. What happened? Well Schiraldi and Stanley happened. Schiraldi got two quick outs but then the Mets got 3 quicker singles to load the bases. That’s when the call was made to the pen for Stanley and his beach ball “palm ball”. Yes, his sinker he delivered produced the ground ball it was meant to, but 3 straight singles… John McNamara had used a defensive replacement for Buckner all year because Buckner’s knees were shot.

You take those factors and look at them and it wasn’t Buckner’s fault. Just like 2003 was not, never was, and never will be Steve Bartman’s fault.

Skipping all the events starting with the Alex Gonzales ground ball boot to get the Florida juggernaut going, it never was, wasn’t and never will be Steve Bartman’s fault. So when I see “We Forgive You, Steve.” It makes me cringe, just like the fans carrying the sheet through Fenway that read “We Forgive Buckner” in 2004. Bullshit.

Just like Bill Buckner, Steve Bartman doesn’t need, deserve, want, wanted, have to have the fans ‘forgiveness’. Let’s just quickly look at my list of villains for the 2003 debacle.

Jeff Gowen

Jeff Gowen, FOX Sports. How many times did they replay that foul ball in that game? Before the Jumbotron was installed in Wrigley, there could have been a little more time for Bartman to escape with some dignity. Jeff Gowen threw this replay up, it seemed, 200 times. This did not help at all. He eldues to and admits it may have been too much. I think that the 4th replay was too much. The 40th was way too much and the 400th time was just beating a dead horse. This guy thought it had to be done though.

Dane Placko

Dane Placko. Ace Reporter. All he needs to complete the ensemble is the press hat from the 1950’s. This guy had to track down and help uncover the “name of the perpetrator” when it came to finding out who tried to go for that foul ball. He helped ruin a man’s life or at least, the last 13 years of a man’s life. I hope he sleeps at night. His investigative journalism made Steve Bartman a household name, since he had to be the first. The media helped screw a guy royally.

Jim Cuthbert

This guy, Jim Cuthbert, is my favorite. Proud Chicagoan. A massive, colossal, monolithic, douchebag of historic proportions. Proud that he went out of his way to go down and ask “Where’s the asshole?” when all he has to do is look in the mirror each morning. Jim Cuthbert. A million dollar smile that could sell a cancer patient a cure. Smile on his face when asked if he had been kicked out of games before. Smile on his face when he was getting his 15 minutes, smile on his face when he went after an innocent fan and human being. Way to go Jim, you’re right up there with Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Josef Mengele, Hitler, Eva Braun, the SS, I could go on and on, but the list is too long. You get my point.

Distraught Cubs Guy

This jackwagon. I don’t know if this was Cuthbert 13 years prior (see what I did there?) but this guy and his pacing like a feral cat, trapped in a corner with someone ready to throw water on it. I watched this part of the film over and over, trying to get in this guy’s head. Trying to get into his thinking process. I just couldn’t. The irrationality that was the squirrels running around in his head at breakneck speeds is mind boggling. Look at him, mind-blowing baby-like qualities.

That Look

This guy, and Cuthbert before him, are the epitome of shitty Chicago fans, and shitty sports fans everywhere for that matter. This guy, made it his “to do list” to go down as far as he could to throw a beer on Bartman. A beer. He gained a split second of satisfaction waltzing down and throwing a beer at Bartman for going after a foul ball that five or six other people went for. An act anyone would have done. This guy was so distraught, it was like watching a child throw a tantrum. But children are more mature than this guy. This guy. He will always be “That Guy”, maybe Dane Placko can get me his name.

This Guy Again

I wonder what he felt immediately afterwards. Relief? Satisfaction? Happiness? This guy, and the look of distraught on his face, the look you see when at that nanosecond, you could literally see him snap in his mond and go clearly fucking insane. I love it, I also consider him one of about 20,000 in that place that turned into an instant animal, just add beer. Budweiser beer, from Anheuser-Busch!

Fatso Rizzo

Then there’s this winner that could only come up with, “I hope you enjoy your season tickets… blah blah blah.” I’m sure 75% of the stadium that night was as broken on the inside as this genius orator. I just wish Jabba the Hutt could of had more air time, film time, and I could have heard anything else from this century’s Samuel Clemons. I bet he went home that evening and wrote a masterpiece of literary genius. Something that generations could read and ponder in deep thought over like a Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, or Kurt Vonnegut novel. Thought provoking and debate inducing.

As an extra, I will add Moises Alou. Acting like he had it, then saying he didn’t, then flip-flopping back to he had it. Be a professional admit you had it, but didn’t get it. Stop your back-and-forth bullshit when the story is told. As far as I’m concerned, after I finish this, the story is and should be dead to everyone.

Now, enough of the Friar’s Club Roast of Every Distraught 2003 Cubs fan. Anyone saying “We forgive you , Steve Bartman.” Isn’t worthy of being a Cubs fan. Anyone saying “I was joking.” Really wasn’t. You weren’t thinking. I give you, no benefit of the doubt. You were not thinking. Nor were you joking, you really weren’t, admit to it. Be an adult and just say, “I wasn’t joking, Steve Bartman doesn’t need forgiveness.”

All the Cub fans that were relentless, threatening, animals should be the ones asking Steve Bartman for forgiveness. Just as every Red Sox fan that cursed, threatened, and demeaned Bill Buckner in 1986, including myself. Mr. Buckner will never read this, but please forgive me for cursing you out in 1986. I know it is a game and not your fault.

As for Steve Bartman, if you were there, cursing him, threatening his life, calling him an asshole. You need to ask him for forgiveness because he doesn’t need to be forgiven. Stay in your world Mr. Bartman. Don’t do commercials, first pitches, autographs, card shows. Be the outstanding man you have been since 2013 and before. I hope you are living good, living life to the fullest and celebrating your Cubbies winning it all.

I’m glad the Cubs won, I’m happy that Theo broke another curse. David Ross went out in style, which is more than I can say for David Ortiz, but that’s another story for another day. The Cubs did good, but I can say, from my own point of view, after the Sox won in ’04, it wasn’t the same. Then ’07 happened, and ’13. Now, we take it for granted, we expect only the best. Sox fans didn’t get that this year. I think we should have seen a Red Sox/Cubs World Series, but that is left for another year.

Maybe next year.

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Week 8 NFL

Tom was there this time… I enjoyed tweeting a bit today during the dismantling of the Buffalo Bills. Bye week next week. Then this happened.

Oh, and by the way, I haven’t heard anything about footballs lately… as the man below trounces through the league like Denzel Washington in Man On Fire.

Tom Brady(2016) 76-101, 1,004 YDS, 8 TD, 0 INT, 132.6 PR – (3 SB MVP’s, 4 SB Wins). GOAT

Did they really think they were going to win the division? The TB12 Revenge Tour 2016 rolls on to Foxborough, MA in 2 weeks when Seattle comes in and maybe we’ll give credit where credit is due and acknowledge Pete Carroll did, in fact, win the Patriots, a Super Bowl win.

Thanks again, Pete.

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JavaScript Defer & My Ignorance

In my programming travels, I have never seen this before until now…

The W3C states;

When set, this boolean attribute provides a hint to the user agent that the script is not going to generate any document content (e.g., no “document.write” in javascript) and thus, the user agent can continue parsing and rendering.

It’s pretty fun learning something new every day.

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This is now the best comment I have seen in programming.

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Looking Back

I spent the better part of two days looking through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and having a look back somewhat at the sites I have run and been a part of.

It gave me a wake up call as to just how bad, mad, and sad I was. It’s almost embarrassing, but at the same time, I know I have come a long way, light years from that guy. Of course I am a dozen years older and a day or two wiser.

Some stuff made me laugh a bit, some made me reflect. The road I took to get to now has been a long, bumpy, emotional one. This post, named “Jax, my brother.” had me in stitches though. “A”, as I will name her, is still, (in my mind) a friend though we lost (more like I ‘disappeared’) for years before I think we ran across one another on Instagram I think.

Regardless, we lived out in CA around the same time for awhile, she moved out there before I, when in a love-struck state I moved out there from 2001-2005. We always had this thing about Austrian and American skiers, it was a playful rivalry.

Anyway, that post I read made me laugh a good laugh I hadn’t had about that time period in ages.

I ran an RPG site that got pretty popular, but I haven’t touched, never mind played a game since 2005. I went as far back as to rummage around the file cabinet of the internet to find, RPG Consortium, The ENclave,… it gave me that “where are they now?” thought though. Hopefully all those I met have propsered in life. I know I have.

I also had about 30 different blogs because I liked to rant online a lot much to my ex-girlfriend’s dismay (and possibly others). I just had to look back and chuckle, wince, groan, and face palm several times the stuff that is vaulted in internet posterity that probably will always be there. Oh well.

Live and learn.

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