Comments/Complaints, Part Two

So with the new day brings a new email form the user of a site I developed with a contact form that uses reCAPTCHA v2. Said users fifty years IT experience trumps my 25 years of web experience. I should feel humbled.

It was brought to my attention and I replied that yes, even though it does slightly concern me, unless the client comes back after fielding the concern from the user directly, I have nothing to do with said project after it’s completion.

The client was satisfied, the transaction was completed and I am a busy person just like everyone else is. I’m not going to sit, and pine over a site that I did, and make changes (unpaid work) because ONE user cannot use a reCAPTCHA form like it is meant to.

When I have had issues with the reCAPTCHA form, it is because I was in a hurry and rushed through without reading the directions and just haphazardly clicking through. With that said, I do not do hand holding of clients websites after contractually fulfilling my end of the deals.

Fifty years of IT doesn’t mean anything in my opinion because it is a different kind of monster. Server work, networking and sysadmin have little to do with the web development side. So you trumping me on experience has no effect. I simply do NOT do pro bono work and it is not a priority because one user doesn’t like the user experience.

if fifty users emailed me, then there could be cause for alarm. Five hundred would make me bring it up to management. One? On a simple reCAPTCHA? Seriously. Times have changed Charles Babbage. Let’s slow your calculations down and take a deep breath and get through this.

I have a 5 hour, round trip drive to take today, with a 16-year-old, a basketball tournament, and my weekend off from my full-time position as a web developer/support technician at my full-time job. There are other means to contact said business and yet, I’m contacted out of the goodness of the heart of the man who will change the web one contact form at a time.

Users, especially those in the industry, or with experience in the industry can be a touchy bunch. As indicated by the end of the email, with a stern “slap” on the wrist, that I was not jumping right on this problem out of the goodness of my heart, and kindness, and the civic duty I have to fix this problem that ONE USER has with Google reCAPTCHA version 2.



Out of (literally) thousands. Let’s do the math on that. Percentage-wise, factor in my time to research, develop, and implement a new CAPTCHA method that tucks this user into bed, with blanket and bottle, and assures the user that the entire site (which it is a VERY easy site in my opinion) is a user experience like no other.

Times have changed since the social engineering and dumpster diving methods used to bypass the punch card system used in the Los Angeles bus system. Web development and the means of which web developers do their thing have changed since 1995. The web developers I know, do not do any work with out a spec or a contract, nor do they do any work that is out of the scope without drawing up a revised contract, or any work after the completed contract without drawing up a new contract.

I am not obligated to do this in this instance, I will not do this without a new contract, I am far too busy being a parent and enjoying what time I do have off doing my main job as a parent to finagle with a reCAPTCHA that ONE USER has a problem with that should be addressed to (and in the end was submitted correctly mind you by the user) the owners of the website!

I am contracted to do a job. Period. It irks me, that one user can be so indignant, because the response I gave that person, was not what they wanted to hear. You are not entitled to demand I take my free time, or any of my time mind you, and use it to do pro bono work. Or go back to a company that may or may not take your complaint into consideration. YOU do not write me checks, YOU do not pay my bills, and you certainly DO NOT dictate what I do and do not do professionally.

You may have fifty years of IT experience, but your lack of the knowledge of how the web development field is run shows. You can be the 21st century version of Fibonacci, you can be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs for all I care. You do not contact me with your complaint and tell me “I’m making the developer aware” and then become indignant when I politely tell you, that this is something that the owners of the company would handle and that if they wish to take action, they can go through the contract process and hire me again to do the job.

You sir, and you know who you are, can take your indignant self, and your fifty years of IT experience, and your sense of self-entitlement, and pound sand. Strictly on a professional level.

The job was completed on-time, on-budget, with the approval of the client and the client was extremely satisfied with the results and that is all that matters. Obviously, the methodology of how the web development process from start to finish is quite out of your reach as far as grasping the concept that if I am not under contract, I will not do work for free.

I will not do work for free on something that works for thousands of other people, that have no problem with the Google reCAPTCHA version 2. It was not indicated that there was any sort of impairment or “disability” on said users part, therefore I am going to deduce that this user has no problem with navigating a website, yet has a huge problem with grasping the concept that web developers do not work for free off the clock and on their own time.

When the owners bring it up to me, that is when I will be sure to take full action. Until then, I intend on enjoying my weekend with my son and putting this to rest.

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