Travel Season

Travel basketball is in full swing, even though posts are very infrequent, between work and everything else, my time to post is limited but I am looking to get some scheduling done that will allow for some posts on the road, here and there, more often.

Just finished up last week the Elixir courses over at Code School, so I am going to head over and work on some stuff I have going over at Udemy and Coursera.

Hopefully the summer season will bring some downtime and I can take a few weeks off and enjoy the summer, if it ever gets here to the New England area… more snow in the forecast for this weekend with a tournament to drive to in Pembroke, MA!

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I had been signed up for awhile at CourseBuffet, but hadn’t really had the time to do anything until a couple months ago, when I started this online learning obsession.

So here I am going for a Computer Science “degree path”. Whether it is like a degree or what, I have to read into it a lot more. It’s a step up from the school I went to during my time in California, where I graduated with an Associates degree, didn’t finish the Bachelor’s program, then after $36k worth of debt, they filed for bankruptcy not too long ago.

So here I am, 45 years old. Learning. Java, Python, Angular, React, Go, the list goes on and on. This kind of education is invaluable. More than $36k, it is priceless. So as my Associates degree is worthless it seems, I search for a way to just keep padding my resume and experience.

Hit up CourseBuffet and search around, it is a great resource.

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Online Learning

The thing that I have kept going with is the online learning. Code School, Codecademy, Free Code Camp. Three of the most frequented sites. I have signed up for a few others, but those are the three I have been on the most.

I recently caught up with everything on Code School and Codecademy, Free Code Camp I am taking a step back and reassessing the work I previously did (I did it hurriedly). I can do better and want to do so.

My work week is long, and I usually just like to unwind during the weekend, not doing any online learning.

Code School is worth the paid subscription, in my opinion. Codecademy is worth the free part, the Pro part seems to be a little on the expensive side, so I won’t even buy it. Free Code Camp is awesome because it covers a lot more in depth parts of programming.

At some point, I will get the motivation to start going through Free Code Camp again, but for now, I’m giving the old noodle a rest. If you haven’t tried those three sites, I highly suggest you do.

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